Industry Board:

The industry board was founded in 2019 under the umbrella of the IPASC consortium. It represents the industry’s specific interests in the context of standardization and consists of vendors of photoacoustic imaging equipment or components. Its purpose is to drive aspects of standardization that are specifically relevant to members of industry, but to lesser or no interest to the scientific community.

The industry board is represented in the Consortium Leadership Team by its chair. The Industry Board convenes in online meetings at least twice a year, and meeting protocols are provided at the end of the page. Board members as well as work-items and related decisions are documented in the sections below. The mode of operation is detailed in the Industry Board Statute:

Industry Board Statute (as of 2020-05-06)

Board Members

Name Affiliation
Chair Stefan Morscher iThera Medical
Bryan Clingman Seno Medical
Allison Bertrand Seno Medical
Lisa Richards Seno Medical
Steven Miller Seno Medical
Mithun Kuniyil Ajith Singh CYBERDYNE, INC.
Jithin Jose VisualSonics
Drew Heinmiller VisualSonics
Peter Brecht Photosound Technologies; Inc
Weylan Thompson Photosound Technologies, Inc
Vassili Ivanov Photosound Technologies, Inc
Alexander Oraevsky Tomowave Labs; Inc
Sarah Lee Amallis Consulting

Current work items

  1. 20-01 DICOM: Initiation the extension of the DICOM standard to incorporate photoacoustic imaging. A separate working group is to be inaugurated, and a new DICOM work-item is to be created to work on the specification.
    Current status

  2. 20-02 Standardisation of optical connectors: Specification of a suggested standardized optical connector for use in photoacoustic imaging to enable inter-operability of light sources.
    Current status

Meeting Protocols

  • 2020-05-06