IPASC Mission

Comparability of clinical photoacoustic imaging systems

As a growing number of research groups exploit photoacoustic imaging (PAI), there is an increasing need to establish common standards for photoacoustic data and images in order to facilitate open access, use, and exchange of data between different groups. Our aim is to provide a platform that enables reserach groups and companies from all over the world to test their developed photoacoustic imaging modalities.
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  • To create widely accepted phantoms for use with preclinical and clinical photoacoustic imaging systems.
  • To use these phantoms in quantitative comparison of photoacoustic data.
  • To have a reference standard for new photoacoustic imaging instruments.
  • To provide open, publicly available, reference data sets for testing of data reconstruction / spectral processing algorithms.

Expected outcomes:

  • Standardized recipies for photoacoustic phantom manufacturing.
  • Defined protocol and criteria to evaluate photoacoustic device performance.
  • Standard data format and list of parameters for photoacoustic data and images.
  • Database with open access photoacoustic data compiled from devices all across the globe.


SPIE Photonics West 2019 IPASC Talks

We were at the Photons plus Ultrasound subconference and presented our initiative as well as an overview over the different working groups that have been established.

Joining IPASC

If you want to join IPASC please use our Get Involved page and send us an email. You can find a list of our current members on the Consortium page.